The news of the day is that the breeding didn’t “take”, she is not pregnant, and we are not having puppies this time around.

Wow…this is so very disappointing and we are all sad…we had a vision, and preparations, and hopes for wonderful families to whom we can extend the puppy love.

Those of you who planned on one of these pups for your new family member, are obviously very disappointed too! I’m so sorry. We just don’t tend to do the ultrasounds, x-rays, etc. unless there is a medical reason. The “symptoms” that I was reading were actually telling me something else. For instance, they say to increase their food at 1 month…and I did that…and guess what…she is now a few pounds overweight.

Well, live and learn. What an assimilation of info and an educational process!

Those of you that are wanting a puppy, I will be able to give you contact info for some current litters that are part of this particular lineage, in case that would be helpful! Maybe you can find your puppy there…and if not, we will be breeding again next cycle for pups in early March and the puppies would be with families by early May. Those that may decide to wait because of the connection we are developing, I thank you. I’m honored that this is not just a transaction to you either. Its touching! And, as a musician I totally get that timing is everything. So, its paramount that everything is lined up for everyone!

The ultimate question is what might have “gone wrong”? I mean really, wolves and dogs and the like have been populating the planet for a long time. There are a couple of things:

Of course, we are doing controlled breeding rather than natural, so that we can assure having the appropriate genetics. This means that we, as the owner, have to have our finger on the pulse of the cycle. One possibility is that we may have bred too early in the cycle. Even though a female will only stand for breeding when “its time”, they can actually engage before the eggs drop, so then if its too early, by a day or two, the semen may not stay alive. This is undoubtedly why people will let the dogs breed more than once, or have them hang out for a couple of days.

Another possibility is that the tie was interrupted by some cats in the barn, so it was shortened from previous breeding encounters. That seems like a no-brainer that I could have realized, but there were some extenuating circumstances that complicated the opportunity. So, oh well…

I’ve learned tons. Not just about dogs and breeding, but all of the emotional, mental, and spiritual reasons that I’m a breeder of English Shepherds.

The Large Love that I get to share with the world through these dogs is immense…first of course, you have the Absolute Light that traverses from Creator through the galaxies into these little beings. And then, we get to be the steward of that…what a blessing! The frosting is a tasty morsel … the incredible relationships with the people that come from having a dog, and subsequent puppies. Not only the families who embrace their new life-long friend, but also all of the other people who Breeze and I encounter along the way.

Thank you for staying tuned and being part of our lives!