Day 22

We took everything from the spare room into the main room.

This move was organized over a month ago.  Actually I was planning on using this for the whelping den but it wasn’t what Breeze was used to, so we had set up the small den we’ve been using to get us through the first 3 weeks before the pups go outside.

If you look closely you’ll see the black fencing is folded up back by the crate so we can double the size of this pen in a few weeks when they need a larger area.  We are borrowing the fencing from Amy (she took care of the house and Breeze (including breeding!) when I went to Zimbabwe, and they have the fence for her bunny, and one of the forthcoming pups from this litter.)

Yes that is a 4′ buffalo hide drum hanging above the crate.  Long story!

I use a $4 shower curtain liner under the sheets and it keeps the cushioning blanket on the bottom dry.

Another long story about why I have soooo many blue flannel sheets from 40 years ago, but it has given me some ultimate flexibility in keeping the den clean.

What’s Your Name?
They Have Just Learned to Really Play in the Last Couple Days
Face Cleaning is Essential
Mo’ Face Cleanin’
Breeze is a Fastidious Housekeeper!
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What a Good Mom

Check your calendar for when you can visit! 

We all appreciate socializing…