Just a quick touching base with you all, about Breeze’s pregnancy. She has this look in her eye that is uniquely her, very full and sparkling. Her energy is up and her appetite just right.

Her milk is coming in and she is filling out a little bit. But, she carries her litter in her length, so she really doesn’t get full looking until maybe the last couple of days. This photo above she looks so stout.

Since her first litter was 7, her largest was 12, and her last was 10, that averages about 10, but I’m going to guess 8. I will take one more deposit for sure.

She still has her girlish figure but just a little thicker around the middle. ;*))

The high temps have the dogs inside a little more. Katie and Breeze entertain each other a great deal, outside and in, and its really giving Breeze plenty of exercise. They continue to play like wonderful siblings.

By the way, Breeze has a long white tip at the end of her tail, although you can’t see much here. When I took her to the groomer to get her trimmed up for whelping and nursing, the groomer trimmed almost all of the white off! Other than that small snafu she did a wonderful job.

She said that she has never had such a well-behaved dog in her 40 years of grooming. Of course, I was happy to hear that, but really? My kid? You know, they always behave better in public ;*))

Always feel free to write or call! Particularly as a puppy buyer, past, present or future, lets talk!

You know, I want to know more about you and your family. And particularly now…I really appreciate hearing your heart-warming stories about how your dogs have really become an important part of your family fabric, getting through this Covid-19 ordeal!

Thank you for keeping us in your loop!