Just a quick note to keep you in the “litter loop”!

We just made the move to the living room from the office whelping room. It all went well. The new den is larger and easily accessible to the outside…check it out here. We are planning on having some outside adventures really soon.

Of course I’m looking at the pouring rain and am aghast at the possibility, but have to remember that dogs have a higher temperature than humans. And we want them to be able to transition to the colder temps of Alaska and Bend!

This week also was a worming week and nail trimming. I can always tell I must get those nails done because Breeze lets me know. I can’t imagine why evolution would have puppies with such sharp little claws as it only causes earlier weaning, but maybe they could defend themselves from a predator?

I don’t know, but as a domestic pup we want them to be really easy about nail trimming time, so we start them in their sleep, and work up to wide awake work. Luckily their little claws are like an eagle beak and easy to to hook with the trimmer :*)) making it far less stressful than one would imagine.

Before worming I reweighed them, even though I had weighed them just a couple days before, since the meds are measured by the ml to ounces. The weight change in 2 days was fascinating. Leia increased by 12 ounces, as did Chewbacca. Rey increased by 9 ounces and Padme by 10.

The other thing about this week was they really started playing with each other…what fun! Check it out…

And yes, I quickly found a solution…I hope it works through the night and there are no surprises when I awake. I had something that I had purchased and stuck in the back of the closet. Its a tiny fence for hamsters of all things. I added it around the baby gate. The puppers never cease to amaze me and keep me guessing ;*))

Thanks for listening…Until next time…

p.s. OH! I almost forgot…due to unforeseen circumstances, one of the puppy buyers had to make a change, so we do have one puppy left for placement. Call to set up a chat!