Seeing these pictures and videos from the puppy families does my heart good…it restores every ounce of effort that was expended in nurturing them, and doing my very best to match them to their families. You end up hearing about the process a bit, but don’t really know that some applicants are just not the right fit and leave the mix early. Its like one of my children needs to go to a foreign country and someone else is going to be their family and look out for their needs, forever. I’m so happy that these people have come into my life, and I look forward to getting to know their growth with their new member. Its like with kids, pets can be a big catalyst to know ourselves in new ways!

Lets start with the travel home…the biggest concern was Leah, who is now Cider, getting to Alaska. Luckily it wasn’t boat, plane, and train, but a car ride and just a few bumper flights to a little known place outside of Juno called Douglas. Here she is, just snoozing through the whole thing, with fantastic dreams of her new home and everything she saw since 4:30 a.m. when she was sent off with the puppy express.

Once there, she met her half-sister Rosie from 2016.

Same mom, different dad…

And then we had Chewbacca, who is now Charlie,
who was the co-pilot to Bend.

Another pup with half-siblings in Bend was Padme, who is now Briar.

Nestling into her new digs…

And her sister in Portland, Rey, who is now Sequoia Rey,
who will also be meeting a Portland half-sibling.

Cider looks warm and cozy compared to the snow, which I hear she loves!

And, Charlie looks ready for action!

Both Charlie and Briar both have trails close by in Bend!

caught in a blink…

With Rey hangin’ in a nice large Oregon yard…

Which she really loves…does she stop? These figure eights are very reminiscent of Breeze’s puppy hood.

Charlie is exploring and still has his cute bark!

Briar is another ball player!

And luckily Cider looooves the snow!

Charlie lounging with his new sibling Emmy…
Briar too has another sibling Ruby…
And Sequoia Rey with her new family!

Many thanks to all of you for your encouragement and good energy during the evolution of this litter. It really ripples. It supports me in my work with Ancient Ways, in our music we share from Zimbabwe, and life on the farm in general, as well as fuels those random acts of kindness needed to keep the wheel of life moving.

Looking forward to 2022 with all of you in my life. Always feel free to reach out… The Very Best to you this holiday season!