The final days of week 8 have arrived. We do keep the puppies until the 8th week is finished and they have had all the time possible to spend with mom and siblings.

They are getting a bit more vocal!

Chewbacca had something to say!

Padme has a rather independent spirit which will take her far…she has been nicknamed Houdini! Maybe she is just intuitive! “my papa is coming!” She was the first of the females to really catch onto eating (competing with Chewbacca) and often is the first to step out on her own.

Houdini at Large!

So indeed Padme went home to Bend this a.m. Tomorrow morning Chewbacca will also be going to Bend. They have half-brothers there to catch up with and hang out, Fessik and Bascom to name two. Padme and Chewbacca will undoubtedly meet again, since both fellows in the new families are active hiking/biking types.

Inside and out they are a smart bunch!

Napping again…it won’t be long and I’ll be able to do that too!

The challenge is always catching them after they wake up but before they pee…because within a couple minutes of waking, they will relieve themselves. This litter has been super good about taking care of business outside, but the pee part hasn’t yet been mastered. When they go home, the families will be able to teach that pretty quickly.

Here again I’m premature!

The last two puppies will go home Sunday. The one going to near Juno Alaska, Leia, will also have a half-sibling, Rosie, with whom to play. Rosie and Leia actually look very similar with the clear sable and a dot on her head. Leia leaves the farm at 4:30 a.m. and the puppy express will take her to the Eugene airport where she will be met and can fly home under the seat with mom and without stress. There are three in this attentive working-at-home family to absorb her and share in the fun…North to Alaska!

The last puppy, Rey, will go to Portland where there are several half-siblings as well, Dickens being one. Rey, being the smallest of the group, has learned a great deal about holding her own and you really wouldn’t know that she was a half-pint not that long ago. Delightful puppy to a delightful family!

I have learned so much from this litter! Thank you all for your contribution to that!

I have found balance in the cow hoof, kong and rawhide..

Ahhh yes…soon now returning to “normal” life….