Here we are…right on the front edge of our seats. Doing all the nesting possible. The puppy yard got set up this week. (Although the pups don’t go outside until end of week 3, I don’t want hammering going on, once the little ones have arrived.) Its a great area just out the back door.

We put it together with this and that…but its wonderfully functional. I think the only thing missing is the carpet…that plywood ramp is slick when they are still tiny, and it turns into a slip and slide even on a dry day.

I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. The first 2 litters I loaded all the puppies in a wagon and would shuttle them outside multiple times a day. It meant going down a ramp and around the side building to get into the yard. Now we open the back door…;*)) Voila! Much easier on the body!

Right now, we are working on any tasks that would be good to complete over the next 2 months, since once we are in puppy-land, that takes over everything. Having pups sets the tone for every waking moment, through September…so we’ve been in a let’s get ‘er done mode!

Here are some pics from the 2018 litter. You guys have graciously shared photos of your beautiful puppies that have grown into wonderful family members…thank you so much! It warms the cockles of our hearts to see their happy faces!


  • Danny Boy 2019, Lake Stevens WA


  • Bascom 2019, Bend OR
Breeze and Gadget 2019

Gadget came over for a visit. Although they both know “sit” and “down”, they were very excited to be in each other’s company, so this was super fun to see them together and get them to listen. Gadget is a pint-size of Breeze.

We had gotten to know Amy and Christian better than most puppy buyers. They live 5 miles away, and came to visit the puppies regularly during the 8 weeks. Amy also had helped me on more than one occasion, in puppy sitting but also doing some of the routine jobs, like worming and bathing. She house sat for me when I went to Zimbabwe early in 2018 as well, so she and Breeze are old buddies.

Amy was a vet tech in a past life and so has spent countless hours with dogs. She fantasized about having a puppy and how it would get along inside with their pet bunny, and I could only cross my fingers, since the basics alone are often plenty for me. Here is a video she took of Gadget at 1 week in their home….yes, 1 week. Gadget was the little one of the bunch from the 2018 litter.

Gadget 2018 at 1 Week

And yes, all is good in the puppy-bunny frontier…not sure how they do it but its working!

Gadget 2018 at 3 Months (1 month with them)

Before 6 months old, Gadget got an AKC Novice Trick Dog title … Amy says, “Breeze makes whip-smart puppies!”

The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations!

And time, of course. ;*))