Really!  Summer is moving on…Solstice has come and gone and here I am wanting to catch up with the kite that is flying over my head … feels like there is no string attached now…

Life is good and the pups are great.  Please bear with my slowness to upload pics.  Summer demands are over the top this year.  So here are the first 2 weeks in one post.

DAY 5   Ahh… the Love of Licks…
Day 6 Visitors!

Day 7 Pure Joy
Day 7 Proud Mama Just Watching…
Day 7 Pyramid King of the Mountain
Day 9 – Finding the Perfect Place to Sleep
Day 9 – A Little One on One

Day 10 – Another One on One

Day 12 – One by One
Day 14 – Lost and Found
This little one was wandering around a full minute before the video starts. …reminds me of my habits, returning to what is familiar.
Day 14…Visitors Welcome!

After the boys left everyone fell asleep…a big day on campus. 


Today was the first day their eyes were really open!

It was most obvious when I went to change the sheets. 
Today they would not be contained easily and were walking all over.


This little guy was off sleeping by himself. 

I like to document the unique behaviors and watch how they evolve,
so we will be watching this little one – does he hang out solo a lot? 
I’m looking to match up the growing dog to their family and home,
so it starts early by observing the strange, rare and peculiar!

Please write or call and make an appointment to come play with the puppies!  Breeze and all enjoy it immensely!