Please print or download this PUPPY APPLICATION as soon as you are interested in exploring bringing one of Katie’s puppies into your family.  (Please ignore that the document name is for Breeze.)  Here are the steps we normally follow:

  1. If you want to have a quick phone call to just get acquainted, please use this app to make an appointment that works for your schedule.  Choose the 30 minute option.
  2. If you know you want to meet and get moving on this, please use a pdf editor or print/scan, then email to send digitally, or print and snail mail, the puppy application above.  Then set up your family appointment for 1 hour.  You can also welcome to the farm and meet us in person!
  3. When you use the it will default to setting up a zoom appointment, and send us both emails.  Please set this appointment up when all of your family members can be there, if possible.
  4. After we meet and get to know each other, if we both want to move forward, you would at that point send in a deposit of $200.  I use the postmark on the envelop to secure your place on the list.
  5. If we decide not to move forward, it will still be a wonderful chance to meet another dog lover!
  6. To stay in the loop, please subscribe to the blog.
  7. Also, you would enjoy staying in the loop by downloading Signal Private Messenger for the powerful texting capabilities.  Let me know you have the app and I will include you in the puppy update group!   It allows me to send videos and pictures without worrying about sizing! Thanks so much…
Thank you for your interest in our English Shepherds!