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PUPS were born on August 7th between 4 and 8 pm.

  • We have 7 vibrant pups – 5 females and 2 males. Delivery of them all went easily.

Its All About the Food!

  • The first and last were each sable.  The last pup was one of the males and he is darker sable.  The will be interesting to watch as it changes since they tend to darken.  Breeze’s father Koda is sable.
  • The second and the sixth were each tri-color.  Their father Rio is tri-color.  The sixth one is the other male.
  • The third, fourth and fifth pups are the Irish black and white, like Breeze.

collection of 7

  • All have white tips on their tails except #5, one of the Irish, has a full black tail.
  • They all weighed close to 1 pound, over and under.  They squirmed a great deal and so getting an exact weight wasn’t happening.
  • None have rear dewclaws.
  • Within a couple of days they were nice and chubby…great baby fat!

Happy Campers

Breeze has been a superb mom!  She has been so open and allowing with people to visit, both those she knows, (like members of the marimba group during delivery scheduled precisely at class time), and those she has never met before.

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Please feel free to make an appointment to see the pups!

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I’ve been amazed at her poise and trust in all of the social situations.  People of all ages have been coming and going. 

Kids are welcome to visit! The littlest of children have been included in this circle and Breeze has been so loving to them as well. The youngest was just under 1 year old and the oldest, well, we don’t talk about our age..

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One Week Old

Two Days Old