More information about Pilgrim here.

Breeze and Pilgrim mated three times over a week in late-July-early-August. She whelped on October 1st with 5 beautiful pups.

We have 2 sables, one male and one female, two Irish black and white both females, and one tri-color male. The tri-color is being bottle fed and also nursing with Breeze competing for milk with her litter mates, catching up.

Breeze didn’t give much notice with the hours of panting I had come to expect, so found myself jumping out of bed with a shot around 7 in the morning, when Katie fired off an alert bark like I’d never heard before. I found Breeze with a pup in her mouth and heading for the den we had prepared.

These pups will go home over Thanksgiving weekend. What a nice way to welcome a new family member!