Check out our final litter pictures of the individual puppies!

Here is Benedict’s pedigree!

Pups were born between 2 pm and 7 pm on October 17th 2017.

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Breeze was bred August 16th and so that makes this a 62 day litter.  We are delighted to share that the pups were born without a hitch.  The last one was a surprise though.  We thought we were all ready to settle down for a nap with a quick outside break first, and here comes number 12!  Caught on the lawn within 30′ of the front porch, the last tri-color arrived.

The very first pup was a little guy, black and white, and so he was given goat’s milk every couple of hours that first couple of days, and is transitioning to every several hours.  He is vigorous, agile, and competitive, also often finding milk when others are done nursing.

First Cord Cutting – Amazing Process

Long Day…Time to Sleep

I’ve been amazed at how quickly Breeze figured out how to manage this litter’s size, up from her last litter of 7.  She quickly has been moving them into groups.  Maybe too, they all just by nature are “taking turns”.  Fascinating!

They look like one long dog!