Okay I’m not going to be excessive here and give you hourly reports, but I do want to say that things are getting serious around here.

This is a picture of yesterday evening…she was still able to lay around and be comfortable.
This after noon that changed into the pre-labor panting, which looks like labor  but isn’t quite as intense.  Its very different than the previous days.  With the warm weather its been an interesting process to decipher.

Breeze is 83″ around the largest part of her middle.  She seems so much bigger than before, so to get a measurement seems like a good thing to have in our records.

The Den

So a good guess might be the wee hours of the morning or later Thursday a.m.   I don’t know who besides me had Thursday in the puppy pool but that is the way its headed…a remote possibility could be midnight tonight?

Sweet and Tender Girl