Its been a long stretch since I’ve posted! Now, with Signal private messenger and group texts available, I was posting there, often multiple times a day. Its just so easy and so fast! We all got to know each other a bit, watching the pups over those 2 months, and its been an incredible journey. Many thanks to the text group: friends, families, and lovers of pups!

The wonderful warm homes who became the recipients of this fantastic litter, were carefully chosen and I am so grateful that they found us, because connecting the pups with “their tribe” or “their clan” is a critical component of litter making for me. Some deposits were taken long before I even bred Katie. Hearing the family resonance and feeling into the best homes is always just a matter of time. I am so very happy to know that all of the puppies are now enjoying their families and that they are growing together….since that is certainly a two-way street. Its not just the dog that grows…we, as the humans, have to stay on the front edge of the beat! They are moving forward at lightening speed ;*))

All six puppers went home before Thanksgiving, and so we enjoyed a thankfully quiet holiday, kind of like when the kids or grandkids leave the nest – wonderful memories, while also the stillness and silence of pins dropping, are like gifts from heaven. Two pups lodged an extra few days. This video was one of many fun ones…here they are, (Ullr and Odin), using the new doggie door:

Following are some pictures, most taken close to their departure dates from 11-16 to 11-23-22 (listed alphabetically by their Norse god litter name, with their new name in parens):

BRAGI (Cooper) – male living in Wenatchee WA

FREYA (Riley) – female living in McMinnville OR

FREYR (Hygge) – male living in Yakima WA

Odin (still Odin) – male living in Simi Valley CA

Thor (Bowie) – male living in Tacoma WA

Ullr (Frank) – male living in Ojai CA

What a joy to be part of this process….many thanks to everyone involved for making this adventure a real treasure! Very glad to be receiving updates from the families about well-adjusting pups!

By the time Katie rests up and a spring/summer litter is possible, it may be 2024 (i.e. fall/winter will not be my preference – 4 out of 5 litters have been tough weather here in Oregon). We shall see what life brings and what the dogs want to do! Much is up to them!

Stay in touch if you are interested in her next litter!