(IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PLAY VIDEOS ON THE BLOGS, PLEASE TRY SOMETHING OTHER THAN FIREFOX, like chrome etc…UNTIL I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT! or if you know how, please give me a call! thanks much!)

We have thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures over the years, and are now taking a minute before this next litter to share.

You guys take great pictures. I’m always blown away at how striking the dogs are, and how some look so much like Breeze, but also this interesting blend of Ben’s coloring and Breeze. You can see that the dogs are much loved and living the dream!

Here are some pups from 2017’s litter with Ben!

  • Dottie 2017 Sointula, British Columbia

Here are more pups from 2017’s litter with Ben!

  • Baxter late-2018 Vernonia OR