This Memorial Day weekend was memorable…we had an instinct to take Breeze to see Connor (one of her male pups from 2016 who is kept for breeding and lives close by).

Although she wasn’t really interested, she was definitely flirting with him. At a point in our visit, she walked over to the car, which she never does, as if to say, lets get going!

So, it seemed like the messages were all lining up and I was hoping it was worth a trip to Molalla. Sure enough Breeze hadn’t been out of the car more than 10 steps and the courtship began. She knew exactly what she was doing.

This Is Ben (Benedict)

This time around there wasn’t lots of romping and playing…they were very serious about getting to it and tying. We stayed a rather short time visiting and then made our way back home after they took time in the shade of the afterglow.

A potential date for whelping is the 28th of July – that’s figuring a 62 day gestation. If so, that would mean the 22nd of September they could come home to your family, just in time for autumn Solstice.

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