Just a brief note to touch base. I can’t believe I have not posted since last year. Let’s just say life gave us fantastic mountains to climb….and we did it with much organization, cooperation and great friends!

First you should know, all the puppies went to wonderful homes with incredible families before the 8 weeks were up. We couldn’t be happier about that. I will post some pics about the wrap-up later to share the beauty.

You recall my work with Zimbabwe? Well, the last day of the 8th week as we were sending home puppy number 10, the packing began and we were out the door to the Zimbabwe Music Festival within 24 hours, where Ancient Ways raises awareness and funds for the work with the preschool, wells, and maturing girls. Breeze did great and didn’t bat an eye by all the changes.  From there the year continued with the same pace and intensity…not much of a lull.

Finally with 2019, I’ve been working on taxes, for myself and Ancient Ways,  with every spare moment (I clearly wear too many hats). And here it is March…almost got them out the door!

We skipped a cycle for Breeze and she appears to have some hormones starting up for being bred again within 6-8 weeks. We are planning a pairing with Ben as his last two litters have been very sweet.

She is currently “blowing her coat”,  meaning a major shedding. She began during the snow storms so I know it isn’t this nice weather we are having this week.  Normally she doesn’t shed much at all!

Relaxing after a quick brushing!  Yes, that is a pile of fur.

This means she might be bred by mid-May with puppies mid-July. I had originally been projecting sometime August. Summertime in general is a great time to be able to let the puppies explore so much nature and opportunity.  They can far more easily get outside, often meaning training is superior (December is a tough month to go outside regularly). They go home 8 weeks after birth.

We have been taking deposits for her litter.  Hopefully the difference of getting a pup a few weeks earlier will not be a problem for any of you who were listening to my earlier projections.

Its good to get a place on the list if you are serious.  It assures you of your preferences.  Her first litter was 7 puppies, then 12, then 10, so we are assuming she will be somewhere in that ballpark.  If you are interested in one of Breeze’s next pups, please email me at contactme@jaiaenbeck.com and we can talk about your family’s needs for a life-long companion. Looking forward to hearing from you!