Virgin Voyage – What an Adventure!

Oh Boy! We are Going Outside!
We are so excited – Mom told us all about it!
I mean, we are really excited…but, of course, patient

You aren’t getting me…I mean reeeeaaaly excited!

Actually, Breeze has this wonderful little stuffed toy, that during her labor of her first litter, she carried this little animal around the house and into her den, as if it were a puppy.  So in the last day or so, as we have begun discussing taking the pups outside, she has all of a sudden started taking this stuffed toy outside!  Its like she is agreeing with us, that they need to get out there and get a handle on the world.  Funny…we are all so tuned in to each other!

They aren’t quite big enough to climb over the fencing door jam.
We thought we wanted too…
Its just confusing…
Getting outside was quite a process…
And, the ramp was like a slide!
Who’s A Good Dog?!
We had adjusted last year’s yard access to make it even easier for this  litter (little if any wagons and carts and loading)
although this day, we didn’t make it all the way to the ground.
(Sorry that my vertical pictures are so huge. I’ve tried everything to resize and nothing changes – if you have any advice please feel free to call!)

We also weighed and wormed. 

Amy gave great assistance!

Clearly Breeze has plenty of milk to share. 
Very robust puppies…
the one girl (shown below) is slightly lighter but super healthy.
It most likely means she is just milder mannered…Ms. Mellow

Pups all settled in quickly as we came back inside.

Please feel free to come and play with the puppies…

bring your children or grandchildren –
there is plenty to go around!