Breeze’s pups are growing well and are so content … what an easy-going litter. It could be that there are so few of them to share in the milk…or maybe the mating produced a calm bunch. Although, you wouldn’t know it from their nursing style, which is not particularly chill.

Enjoy watching this Friday afternoon’s meal here in this video.

They do have their eyes open now. They might have been open yesterday but it wasn’t obvious. I suppose I could have used a flashlight to look in there then, but who would want that in their eyes? Today, it was clear.

Getting a good picture of a wiggly 2-week old pup was not too easy so I thought I’d include some video too…check it out right above the photo:

Our smallest pup (at this point) is Leia who is 1 pound 13 ounces. She was first born, and Breeze’s first has always been the littlest. Leia was almost 7 ounces at birth.


Rey is 2 pounds even. She was 3rd born at 8 and 3/8 ounce so has increased 1.5 pounds since her birth.


Chewbacca, who we thought was the hungry one, is not the largest at 2 pounds, 12 ounces. He was 5th born, was just over 8 ounces at birth, and is our only male. He actually waved his paw at the camera during the video…how funny!


Padme Amidala is 2 pounds, 15 ounces. She was 4th born. She really surprised me by her bark, but then she completely kept her composure.


Check out the vigor two hours later in this video… the litter was still nursing. Then they were finally done….they look complete ;*))

Thanks for tuning in. I was telling someone how much sharing their story with you helps me…it won’t be long and they will all be going home with their families, and Breeze, Katie and I will be staring at each other, saying “what happened?”. It helps me grow up ;*)) Thank you!