We have some exciting movies to watch.  Granted it may not compete with Netflix etc. but they are home grown and educational (if you like to know the rest of the story).

This is really delightful to get to share with you.  I don’t know that its popcorn-worthy but its very interesting if you have not been present at the birth of puppies.

First Born

(Hang in there when the screen goes black…

I had to put the phone down to get a towel!)

For some reason Breeze unexpectedly and repeatedly insisted on moving her first pup out of the den, which would be a real problem for clean up.  So, we had to put up fabric so she couldn’t see us, and then she settled down, and stayed inside without a problem.  Last litter she had also tried to move the first pup to the futon.

We waited a healthy hour for pup #2.  During that time Breeze just hung out and panted, also taking care of #1.

I like this film even though its very dark.  Its so tender. The silhouette effect satisfies my inner artist.

2nd born is a tri-color male.

Breeze is taking care of the umbilical cord nicely.

This is #6 on the right with#5 on Breeze’s nose … you can barely see #5’s tri-color cheek.  Often the brown evolves and become darker as time goes on, so watching them grow is like opening a treasure box.


#6 is the pup on her leg, finding a nice resting place.

#7 is the last of the boys….what a run of males!

#8 is the 1st girl!

Are these kittens or puppies?

There are 8 of them, whatever they are.

#9 has arrived and is a girl!  Are there any more coming?

Patiently waiting the 2 hours for their last sibling.

#10 is a girl!

And yes, we get dew claws removed, but so far have never had any.

Day Zero went extremely well, thanks to all hands on deck!

Breeze and I really appreciate everyone for everything –

(even the last minute purchase of goat’s milk from Jan
to be prepared “in case”
thankfully it wasn’t needed
so I guess I’ll just have to drink it …  Its oh-so tasty!)