“We have arrived” …in Zimbabwe they say “Tashika“… but no pups today…no panting, ‘nada…

So we are relaxing into the waiting mode and getting caught up on all of those things, like this blog post, that have received a lower priority over the last couple of weeks.

We set up Breeze’s den and have been hanging out in it off and on. This is my current office and is where she has been whelping each time. I’ve been inviting her inside the house at every opportunity since she has a favorite spot under the front deck where its super cool. She also loves to sun herself on the deck or lawn. We definitely do not want her accidentally slipping under the deck in a passionate moment.

Everyone says she doesn’t look pregnant. And I agree, until I see her in a particular position and she spreads her middle. She has a long body and hides the puppies up inside. Another litter was similar until the very last moment.

If you are looking at this picture on the computer you’ll notice the small colored wire around the base of the den. I found this great flexible hamster caging to use, instead of cardboard! The pups when first born for a week or so, can slip through the larger wire and find themselves in my office. Ahhh…the benefits of research!

In the den with her favorite whelping toy-pup, and also the litter gift from Canada in 2017 ( behind the toy-pup), which the puppies absolutely love.

She has a favorite place at the bottom of the stairs.

  • She Bent Her Knee to Pose for The Picture

Hoping to post as soon as we have any news! Guess it depends on whether we pull a whelping all-nighter.