Just a couple of reports about Day 1. 

I promise I won’t be blogging daily,
but I did want to let you know about the “day after”. 

Sleep is good and well appreciated by all!

Friday morning came early.  We had 3 visitors already today.

  • Our vet Ellen made a house call to check out the mama and she says all is looking good.
  • Jerry, who helps me around the farm, came in to secure those wooden boards around the perimeter, since the pups are small enough to squeeze through.
  • And then Amy came by to see the puppies and Breeze after dinner.

Big first day!  Breeze is such a delight with people.  She is happy to share her litter and be the proud mama.  Although I’m sure she appreciates the resting, she also doesn’t seem to be the least affected by people in her midst (after the initial hearty greeting).

Looks like not a lot going on here (look closely) –
this was the nature of reality all day long.

After getting a new sheet to freshen the bedding, I was able to track the weights based on the descriptions from yesterday.  I’m amazed that the frantic comments I was making during whelping actual worked to connect to each puppy.

Although my scale is really old and funky, meaning it may not be accurate, at least if I continue to use it I will be consistent for comparisons sake.  Here are our birth order results (Irish means black/white and Tri means black, tan, white):

  1. Male Irish 13 oz
  2. Male Tri 15 oz
  3. Male Tri 16 oz
  4. Male Irish 15 oz
  5. Male Tri 13 oz
  6. Male Irish 12 oz
  7. Male Irish 14 oz
  8. Female Tri 13 oz
  9. Female Irish 15 oz
  10. Female Irish 12 oz

Please feel free to call for an appointment to come socialize the puppies!  We count on people to come out of the woodwork for this occasion so they get plenty of handling.  Thanks!