We are on the edge of our seat watching for the next signs to take her to our “test” male, Connor. He is one of her pups from a couple of years ago who has become a breeding male. We visit to see if its time to organize and meet the “real” male, Ben (same as 2017-2018 litters), who is a little over 1 hour away in Molalla. Ben has been a super match for temperament as well as genetics. Here are a few pictures while we are waiting!

That Intent Look, Like What Are You Wanting?

Next thing I know she has become the ham for the camera!
Exactly what we were asking for…a picture!

Our next door neighbor’s were here and got in on some dog action. Breeze genuinely loves kids – she had an incredible start in a houseful of children!

Breeze is wearing the finest in 5G apparel…
the special copper ring on her collar gives her extra juju…
we all have one!

Hope to have good news soon!

If you have pictures of Breeze’s pups (who are now growing leaps and bounds and are no longer puppies) please send me, so I can post. Any stage of growth is great. I will most likely be making a collage of sorts. We want to hear from you!

Thank you!