Thanks to those of you who have shared kind words with me. Its all a sensitive process, much like when someone dies, and people just don’t know what to say. Its all part of the wheel of life and navigating that isn’t a casual job for any of us.

Our veterinarian suggested Breeze had a “false” pregnancy. To have her milk glands swell and other symptoms are some of the indicators. Another big one for us, is this silly little toy-pup that she brings out only annually – its actually a black, gray and white racoon. She first brought out from her basket just before whelping her first litter, and again she did the same on her second litter. Then, again when we talked of moving the puppies in her third litter to the outside yard, and she promptly moved this toy-pup outside. So its her communication tool to us humans.

She is just such a good mom and so tuned in. Its quite touching to see her in her dilemma.

So, the last few days she has non-stop been bringing this toy-pup out to get my attention, plus doing some small whines like she has done after each litter would leave and go home to their families, as she was searching around for what happened to her little ones.

We began doing some treatments for myself to move through the feelings, and now today, we did a treatment for her as well. She is doing much better, reduced number of those little whines and lots less toy-pup, and back to showing a little more interest in food, about which I’m super pleased.

On another ironic note, we were planning on purchasing a puppy to be able to encourage Breeze to retire in a couple years, and give her someone with which to play. We had the right parents picked out with some great lineage, and the litter was going to be born in another 2 weeks. Just got the call that their dog also just had a false pregnancy! How strange is that?! As a musician I know that timing is everything. Mercury in retrograde gets the blame most of the time. And, it also makes me ponder about how beautifully entangled we each are with each other and the world around us. What an odd set of circumstances to be synchronized…

This has prompted me to do some discovery work. I may be doing treatments for Breeze to check for the round-up residue etc. that is in our food, for example. Its like when the frogs begin disappearing from the ponds, we know they are an indicator species of what is happening on the planet. Maybe I’m jumping into a different rabbit hole, but maybe many pieces are connected.

I wonder about hormone’s being disrupted by the chemicals, and the increase in radio frequencies. In humans there is an incredible change in fertility that no one really talks about, with much being attributed to these kinds of ‘unnatural patterns in our lives . Anyway, I’m going to be exploring this topic!

Wow…what a process! Thanks for listening…we’ll be back online with more info as another breeding comes forward in a few months…in the meantime, off to the Zimbabwe music festival in Monmouth this weekend at WOU (stop by the booth if you are there), and then on to Zimbabwe maybe in November. They are having a famine there, so I’m not sure how that affects a trip, but I’ll be back in touch at another point, hopefully in 2019.

Always feel free to write and stay in touch!