It was the end of July and beginning of August, Breeze and I drove south about an hour to Junction City, where we visited with Joan Oakes, and her handsome English Shepherd Pilgrim. Joan runs an agility training school, with a variety of dog breeds, jumping through hoops and tunnels, running ladders and the like.

Pilgrim at Home

Breeze and Pilgrim mated three times over that week. I didn’t want to make the same mistake I did in 2020, leaving too soon. We now have a very pregnant Breeze who is looking to be due any day. Her first litter was 7 pups, her second was 12 and her third 10. Often older females have smaller litters, so who knows. We are on pins and needles.

Pilgrim in Front of the Cabin

Pilgrim and Breeze both have the recessive sable gene, and he being tri-color and she the Irish black and white, we may have 3 colors in the litter…but this is all speculative at this point…just like the litter size. It all happened so quickly that we forgot to have a puppy pool.

Are you looking for a new family member? Applications are being considered and deposits are being taken for up to the litter size. Check out our questionnaire here (and on the menu under litters), and feel free to write or call – hopefully I can answer whatever you ask! Thank you for your interest in Breeze and her pups! Stay tuned….