We had a little naming ceremony as we weighed each of the puppies today. It was great fun having picked the theme of the Norse gods and goddess. A son from the puppy family in Ojai CA was the inspiration when he saw a lightening bolt on the back of one of the sables….hence, Thor was named.

We did our best at birth to get a weight as soon as possible, but I don’t like to separate them from the mom, for even a minute. The first three were 14.5 oz. The second three were 12.5 oz. Today on day 6, we had a range from 1 lb, 9 oz up to 1 lb 14 oz. Now that they are named we’ll be able to track them better during the next few weeks.

There were 8 deposits. We currently have five of the six sold, as two families received refunds for the females we didn’t have, and one family decided to wait for the next litter in 2023. Most puppy homes are from the west coast: Wenachee, Yakima, and Tacoma, WA, Ojai, CA, and McMinnville OR, so far for this litter. We have had people come from Colorado and New Hampshire as well as way up to the northern part of Canada, in previous litters.

Feel free to share with those you know that there is one male pup who is waiting for their family to reach out! We don’t match puppies to their families until week 7 when the personalities really define themselves further. We are looking for the absolute best homes who earnestly want a new family member.

Mom and her brood…(L to R) Thor, Odin, Freya, Ullr, Bragi, Freyr

How, you might ask, can I tell the difference between the last two tri-colors on the right? Actually, I wouldn’t be able to, but moments later, Bragi, known for a little more noise here and there (poetry and music) as well as being a character, was found sliding around and down on mom’s leg.

Here you can barely see the white mark on his rump…

that makes him easy to spot!

Oh yes, don’t panic! Its organic!
What better way to contain the wiggling…

actually they were super calm with full bellies!

Odin, Currently the largest at 1 lb 14 oz, tri-color male
“supreme, all father of the clan, all inspired with knowle

Freya, 1 lb 13 oz, our token female, tri-color
“love, beauty and fertility

Freyr, 1 lb,12.5 oz Freya’s twin, tri-color
“fertility, prosperity, pleasant weather

Thor, 1 lb and 12 oz sable male, more on the tan spectrum

“Protector of humanity – bravery – strength”

Bragi, 1 lb 11 oz, tri-color male
“poet, musician, bard, eloque

Ullr, sable male, more on the gold spectrum, 1 lb 9 oz
“athlete, handsome, thriving, hunter

Good kind friends brought me a mesh door cover, and put it up today so that I can leave the door open 24/7 for Katie to go in and out. As it gets colder we may have another situation, but for now it represents treasured time with the sand man, which I’ve been a bit deprived. Stay tuned as we continue to get more sleep!