Bless her heart…she did not conceive from the tie with Rio. I think we were just lucky those first three litters!

Often breeder’s will have the dogs spend more time together. That hadn’t been my experience, so I just overlooked that data. Wrong answer….

At first I thought that maybe Breeze was ready to retire. But I’ve been encouraged to not read it that way. We went to a reproductive specialist, as well as talked to her breeder, Renee, who has many years of experience.

We’ll see what happens with her next cycle and likely try the new test that tells you that they are pregnant. When I had asked about that test idea before, I was told it didn’t exist. But now I hear that it does. Either the information was incorrect, or it really is fairly new.

Its also worthy of consideration that my own energy level needs to be high to take care of a litter opportunity for 8 weeks. Its really quite demanding. Several things are playing into my situation, one of which was losing a family member recently. I’ve really needed huge amounts of sleep to find balance, which I couldn’t have gotten if we had pups now.

I do live in the flow that all things are working together for the best outcome for everyone. Although my disappointment, on behalf of all of the puppy buyers who were on track to have a Breeze puppy, has been great. We have given them contacts for puppies on the ground soon, and are looking forward to hearing about the puppy they find elsewhere!

Dog Lover’s everywhere make our planet a better place!