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Oh yeah…7 days and counting!

Here we are…right on the front edge of our seats. Doing all the nesting possible. The puppy yard got set up this week. (Although the pups don’t go outside until end of week 3, I don’t want hammering going on, once the little ones have arrived.) Its a great area just out the back door.

We put it together with this and that…but its wonderfully functional. I think the only thing missing is the carpet…that plywood ramp is slick when they are still tiny, and it turns into a slip and slide even on a dry day.

I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. The first 2 litters I loaded all the puppies in a wagon and would shuttle them outside multiple times a day. It meant going down a ramp and around the side building to get into the yard. Now we open the back door…;*)) Voila! Much easier on the body!

Right now, we are working on any tasks that would be good to complete over the next 2 months, since once we are in puppy-land, that takes over everything. Having pups sets the tone for every waking moment, through September…so we’ve been in a let’s get ‘er done mode!

Here are some pics from the 2018 litter. You guys have graciously shared photos of your beautiful puppies that have grown into wonderful family members…thank you so much! It warms the cockles of our hearts to see their happy faces!


  • Danny Boy 2019, Lake Stevens WA


  • Bascom 2019, Bend OR
Breeze and Gadget 2019

Gadget came over for a visit. Although they both know “sit” and “down”, they were very excited to be in each other’s company, so this was super fun to see them together and get them to listen. Gadget is a pint-size of Breeze.

We had gotten to know Amy and Christian better than most puppy buyers. They live 5 miles away, and came to visit the puppies regularly during the 8 weeks. Amy also had helped me on more than one occasion, in puppy sitting but also doing some of the routine jobs, like worming and bathing. She house sat for me when I went to Zimbabwe early in 2018 as well, so she and Breeze are old buddies.

Amy was a vet tech in a past life and so has spent countless hours with dogs. She fantasized about having a puppy and how it would get along inside with their pet bunny, and I could only cross my fingers, since the basics alone are often plenty for me. Here is a video she took of Gadget at 1 week….yes, 1 week. Gadget was the little one of the bunch from the 2018 litter.

Gadget 2018 at 1 Week

And yes, all is good in the puppy-bunny frontier…not sure how they do it but its working!

Gadget 2018 at 3 Months

The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations!

And time, of course. ;*))

Holy pups! This Sunday is Day 42 (6 weeks)

(IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PLAY VIDEOS ON THE BLOGS, PLEASE TRY SOMETHING OTHER THAN FIREFOX, like chrome etc…UNTIL I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT! or if you know how, please give me a call! thanks much!)

We have thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures over the years, and are now taking a minute before this next litter to share.

You guys take great pictures. I’m always blown away at how striking the dogs are, and how some look so much like Breeze, but also this interesting blend of Ben’s coloring and Breeze. You can see that the dogs are much loved and living the dream!

Here are some pups from 2017’s litter with Ben!

  • Dottie 2017 Sointula, British Columbia

Here are more pups from 2017’s litter with Ben!

  • Baxter late-2018 Vernonia OR

5 weeks Plus and Counting…


Not much going on here except watching Breeze relax into her pregnancy. She has been super mellow (even more than usual). I’m attributing it to some incredible solutions that we’ve implemented to transform the wi-fi and radio frequencies, as it has tremendously affected my own energy. It reminds me of how extraordinarily calm the puppies were in the 2018 litter as we played the Solfeggio frequencies routinely.

I’ve been wanting to share some of the last litters’ pictures so you can see the variety of dogs that have come through over the years and who are now all in their forever families…that is the thrust of this post. But, also found this in the archive…last February we had snow, which isn’t very frequent here. She loves the snow. She also gets wired up sometimes and runs in a figure 8 rain or shine. As an only child, she is often found playing by herself, and this time entertaining herself with her favorite antler.

Breeze and Rio’s litter in 2016

  • Brenna 2017 Eastern OR Breeding Female

More pics ~ Breeze and Rio’s litter in 2016

  • Connor 2019 Albany OR Breeding Male

Check back for 2017 and 2018 litters coming soon!

Good News Here!

This Memorial Day weekend was memorable…we had an instinct to take Breeze to see Connor (one of her male pups from 2018 who is kept for breeding and lives close by).

Although she wasn’t really interested, she was definitely flirting with him. At a point in our visit, she walked over to the car, which she never does, as if to say, lets get going!

So, it seemed like the messages were all lining up and I was hoping it was worth a trip to Molalla. Sure enough Breeze hadn’t been out of the car more than 10 steps and the courtship began. She knew exactly what she was doing.

This Is Ben (Benedict)

This time around there wasn’t lots of romping and playing…they were very serious about getting to it and tying. We stayed a rather short time visiting and then made our way back home after they took time in the shade of the afterglow.

A potential date for whelping is the 28th of July – that’s figuring a 62 day gestation. If so, that would mean the 22nd of September they could come home to your family, just in time for autumn Solstice.

Get in touch if your family is looking for a life friend and companion!
Email, call or download the application!

Breeze’s Latest…

We are on the edge of our seat watching for the next signs to take her to our “test” male, Connor. He is one of her pups from a couple of years ago who has become a breeding male. We visit to see if its time to organize and meet the “real” male, Ben (same as 2017-2018 litters), who is a little over 1 hour away in Molalla. Ben has been a super match for temperament as well as genetics. Here are a few pictures while we are waiting!

That Intent Look, Like What Are You Wanting?

Next thing I know she has become the ham for the camera!
Exactly what we were asking for…a picture!

Our next door neighbor’s were here and got in on some dog action. Breeze genuinely loves kids – she had an incredible start in a houseful of children!

Breeze is wearing the finest in 5G apparel…
the special copper ring on her collar gives her extra juju…
we all have one!

Hope to have good news soon!

If you have pictures of Breeze’s pups (who are now growing leaps and bounds and are no longer puppies) please send me, so I can post. Any stage of growth is great. I will most likely be making a collage of sorts. We want to hear from you!

Thank you!

Ginormous Hiatus Now Over!

Just a brief note to touch base. I can’t believe I have not posted since last year. Let’s just say life gave us fantastic mountains to climb….and we did it with much organization, cooperation and great friends!

First you should know, all the puppies went to wonderful homes with incredible families before the 8 weeks were up. We couldn’t be happier about that. I will post some pics about the wrap-up later to share the beauty.

You recall my work with Zimbabwe? Well, the last day of the 8th week as we were sending home puppy number 10, the packing began and we were out the door to the Zimbabwe Music Festival within 24 hours, where Ancient Ways raises awareness and funds for the work with the preschool, wells, and maturing girls. Breeze did great and didn’t bat an eye by all the changes.  From there the year continued with the same pace and intensity…not much of a lull.

Finally with 2019, I’ve been working on taxes, for myself and Ancient Ways,  with every spare moment (I clearly wear too many hats). And here it is March…almost got them out the door!

We skipped a cycle for Breeze and she appears to have some hormones starting up for being bred again within 6-8 weeks. We are planning a pairing with Ben as his last two litters have been very sweet.

She is currently “blowing her coat”,  meaning a major shedding. She began during the snow storms so I know it isn’t this nice weather we are having this week.  Normally she doesn’t shed much at all!

Relaxing after a quick brushing!  Yes, that is a pile of fur.

This means she might be bred by mid-May with puppies mid-July. I had originally been projecting sometime August. Summertime in general is a great time to be able to let the puppies explore so much nature and opportunity.  They can far more easily get outside, often meaning training is superior (December is a tough month to go outside regularly). They go home 8 weeks after birth.

We have been taking deposits for her litter.  Hopefully the difference of getting a pup a few weeks earlier will not be a problem for any of you who were listening to my earlier projections.

Its good to get a place on the list if you are serious.  It assures you of your preferences.  Her first litter was 7 puppies, then 12, then 10, so we are assuming she will be somewhere in that ballpark.  If you are interested in one of Breeze’s next pups, please email me at contactme@jaiaenbeck.com and we can talk about your family’s needs for a life-long companion. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Day 23 First Outside Expedition!

Virgin Voyage – What an Adventure!

Oh Boy! We are Going Outside!
We are so excited – Mom told us all about it!

I mean, we are really excited…but, of course, patient

You aren’t getting me…I mean reeeeaaaly excited!

Actually, Breeze has this wonderful little stuffed toy, that during her labor of her first litter, she carried this little animal around the house and into her den, as if it were a puppy.  So in the last day or so, as we have begun discussing taking the pups outside, she has all of a sudden started taking this stuffed toy outside!  Its like she is agreeing with us, that they need to get out there and get a handle on the world.  Funny…we are all so tuned in to each other!

They aren’t quite big enough to climb over the fencing door jam.

We thought we wanted too…

Its just confusing…

Getting outside was quite a process…

And, the ramp was like a slide!

Who’s A Good Dog?!

We had adjusted last year’s yard access to make it even easier for this  litter (little if any wagons and carts and loading)
although this day, we didn’t make it all the way to the ground.
(Sorry that my vertical pictures are so huge. I’ve tried everything to resize and nothing changes – if you have any advice please feel free to call!)

We also weighed and wormed. 

Amy gave great assistance!

Clearly Breeze has plenty of milk to share. 
Very robust puppies…
the one girl (shown below) is slightly lighter but super healthy.
It most likely means she is just milder mannered…Ms. Mellow

Pups all settled in quickly as we came back inside.

Please feel free to come and play with the puppies…

bring your children or grandchildren –
there is plenty to go around!

We moved to the New Den!

Day 22

We took everything from the spare room into the main room.

This move was organized over a month ago.  Actually I was planning on using this for the whelping den but it wasn’t what Breeze was used to, so we had set up the small den we’ve been using to get us through the first 3 weeks before the pups go outside.

If you look closely you’ll see the black fencing is folded up back by the crate so we can double the size of this pen in a few weeks when they need a larger area.  We are borrowing the fencing from Amy (she took care of the house and Breeze (including breeding!) when I went to Zimbabwe, and they have the fence for her bunny, and one of the forthcoming pups from this litter.)

Yes that is a 4′ buffalo hide drum hanging above the crate.  Long story!

I use a $4 shower curtain liner under the sheets and it keeps the cushioning blanket on the bottom dry.

Another long story about why I have soooo many blue flannel sheets from 40 years ago, but it has given me some ultimate flexibility in keeping the den clean.

What’s Your Name?

They Have Just Learned to Really Play in the Last Couple Days

Face Cleaning is Essential

Mo’ Face Cleanin’

Breeze is a Fastidious Housekeeper!

Hmmm…What an Interesting Site…

What a Good Mom

Check your calendar for when you can visit! 

We all appreciate socializing…

Visiting on Day 20

Christian and Amy spent some great time with the pups and Breeze. Thanks for photos but thanks mostly for your time!

That puppy looks like its hanging from a limb out in space.

Ahh…Breeze settles in with all the excitement of puppies and friends.

Everyone is getting mellowed out….nothing like mother’s milk!

You might think this is a still shot, or that your film isn’t working right, since everything is so still. But eventually you see the shadows and ha! it is a moving picture.

They do love feet!

Pile o’ Pups

You are too cute!

Now that everyone else is sleeping…maybe there is something here.



Feel free to make an appointment to visit!

Day 18 and 19

Wow – these days are moving along so quickly!

Marimba class brought in a few visitors.


Whoops this isn’t a pup…Bullwinkle?

Day 19 was a big visitor day!

More Day 19…and “big kids”

Come see us!

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