Dear Friends,

Sadly, our little Jedi didn’t make it.  In many ways he was improving, but then suddenly quit making progress yesterday. 

Thank you for all of your encouraging words and support during this last week…you have been amazing!  Particularly when I was walking through my world in a dream state, blinking blurry eyes, and working hard to connect my synapses and fulfill other life functions.

His passing means that I’ll be returning a deposit to someone. And, as Divine Providence would have it, there was a shift in one of the family’s lives and they were planning to call me later in the week to see if they could relinquish their spot on the list!  What a relief that all things work together for the common good…it’s just that it’s not always obvious, nor easy.

I have cherished my time with the little being of Light that we named Jedi…I have learned mountains of deep things during these last 10 days, and wouldn’t trade it for anything…it’s a treasure in my secret heart.

We are on our way forward with the four pups and am happy to share the latest HERE!

I wouldn’t have noticed the one on the left who is lined up in reverse, except she keeps getting my attention…just a bit of an individual.

And then the reunion…always a good moment! The rest of them had their dinner and were snoozing when I heard her, still at arms length. Plopped her into place, and then of course, the delight of finding mom!

Stay tuned …hoping to take weights soon.