From about 3 pm Wednesday Breeze began the panting that says “hey, we are with the program now!”.  With 3 different buddies taking shifts from yesterday evening until tonight (thanks Amy, Helen and Renee!), we all jumped through the whelping hoops with flying colors!  I am only somewhat on Neptune and Breeze is soooo relaxed.

Ben and Breeze’s 2018 litter is beautiful!  We have 7 males who all came first, and 3 females who followed. 

They began at 12:30 pm today with the very first pup, and 1 hour later it was every 10-15 minutes or so.  Then there was a pause for another hour, a 10 minute pup, and finally the very last one waited 2 hours before coming!  We hung out for quite a while thinking there might be one more, but called it around 8 pm.
There are 6 black and whites (traditional Irish) and 4 tri-color like their papa Ben (black, tan, and white).  1 girl is a tri-color and the other 2 are black and white.
All pups came into the world without a hitch.  Everyone is resting so calmly, and nestling in for a good night.  I will be doing the same earlier than usual, as last night’s panting was not conducive to sleep.  Breeze and I spent the night on the floor in and next to her den.  I think after a brief swim and giving Breeze a walk, I too will be going into the horizontal zone.
I have so many pictures and videos of the event, since all the off-shift helpers were present in spirit and needed to stay in the loop, so I probably over documented the whole thing. I’ll need to pare it down and send out a few here tomorrow.  Sorry I’m too bushed tonight to pull something out.

Payton is the official pool-meister so I’ll need her official comment, but if I understand how it works (I’m a virgin pooler) I think Kathy won (she is just so intuitive)!  She got 3 out of 5!  She had it with 7 males, first one born in the a.m. on 6/7! 

More manana!  Thanks much for your interest!