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Month: September 2022

Big Day for the Pups!

We had a little naming ceremony as we weighed each of the puppies today. It was great fun having picked the theme of the Norse gods and goddess. A son from the puppy family in Ojai CA was the inspiration when he saw a lightening bolt on the back of one of the sables….hence, Thor was named.

We did our best at birth to get a weight as soon as possible, but I don’t like to separate them from the mom, for even a minute. The first three were 14.5 oz. The second three were 12.5 oz. Today on day 6, we had a range from 1 lb, 9 oz up to 1 lb 14 oz. Now that they are named we’ll be able to track them better during the next few weeks.

There were 8 deposits. We currently have five of the six sold, as two families received refunds for the females we didn’t have, and one family decided to wait for the next litter in 2023. Most puppy homes are from the west coast: Wenachee, Yakima, and Tacoma, WA, Ojai, CA, and McMinnville OR, so far for this litter. We have had people come from Colorado and New Hampshire as well as way up to the northern part of Canada, in previous litters.

Feel free to share with those you know that there is one male pup who is waiting for their family to reach out! We don’t match puppies to their families until week 7 when the personalities really define themselves further. We are looking for the absolute best homes who earnestly want a new family member.

Mom and her brood…(L to R) Thor, Odin, Freya, Ullr, Bragi, Freyr

How, you might ask, can I tell the difference between the last two tri-colors on the right? Actually, I wouldn’t be able to, but moments later, Bragi, known for a little more noise here and there (poetry and music) as well as being a character, was found sliding around and down on mom’s leg.

Here you can barely see the white mark on his rump…

that makes him easy to spot!

Oh yes, don’t panic! Its organic!
What better way to contain the wiggling…

actually they were super calm with full bellies!

Odin, Currently the largest at 1 lb 14 oz, tri-color male
“supreme, all father of the clan, all inspired with knowle

Freya, 1 lb 13 oz, our token female, tri-color
“love, beauty and fertility

Freyr, 1 lb,12.5 oz Freya’s twin, tri-color
“fertility, prosperity, pleasant weather

Thor, 1 lb and 12 oz sable male, more on the tan spectrum

“Protector of humanity – bravery – strength”

Bragi, 1 lb 11 oz, tri-color male
“poet, musician, bard, eloque

Ullr, sable male, more on the gold spectrum, 1 lb 9 oz
“athlete, handsome, thriving, hunter

Good kind friends brought me a mesh door cover, and put it up today so that I can leave the door open 24/7 for Katie to go in and out. As it gets colder we may have another situation, but for now it represents treasured time with the sand man, which I’ve been a bit deprived. Stay tuned as we continue to get more sleep!

Lovely Litter of Six – September 20th 2022!

The Morning of the 21st

It was a delight to be part of Katie’s first litter. She made it very easy for us. First, she let me have my coffee, and think nothing was going on, and next thing I knew two puppies were there. Each one came in a reasonably short time and with great relaxation on everyone’s part. None of the middle-of-the-night whelping for her! Several things in her first two-and-a-half years had been unexpected little bumps on the road and so I was prepared for the unexpected. And ironically, with all of my fretting, every thing was serene and so sweet! She has been a huge teacher for me, and here we are again, and I’m the grasshopper.

Late in the day today, are the six pups as they had grouped themselves interestingly enough into matching bunches of sable and tri-color. One of the tri-colors is a female, all the rest are males. They initially will look black and white and then their tan coloring will come out as they mature.

I really like the little folding hamster screens that keep the puppies from going through the 1.5″ kennel walls. The pups will be small enough to accidentally push through for a couple of weeks yet. In the beginning we used cardboard to block the opening, then wood, now a friendly hamster screen.

Feel free to email or call with questions – we are happy to share about our process and English Shepherds in general!

Katie (Born 2-20-20) Has Been Bred!

We have been waiting quite some time to share this news! We bred Katie to Pilgrim in late July…she is due around 9-21-22. Read more about Pilgrim here.

With Covid being what its been, the tech time in my life was reduced, and gradually I’m getting a few more things done. This blog is one of them!

Katie comes from a line of English Shepherds developed by a breeder in Montana, Debbie Richardson. Its been great getting to know her and getting some of the insider information about Katie’s parents. The most recent conversation revealed that Katie’s mother’s first litter was one of 10, then 11, and then 13. So, I’m preparing for that larger possibility. My primary experience is with Breeze, who started at 7, jumped to 12, 10, then 4. We shall see!

Katie is an active but very settled, smart-as-a-whip, biddable and super affectionate female who loves to play! This picture was less than 6 months ago…her body has really matured over that time.

We are still accepting applications at this point and are delighted to share more about Miss Katie and her predilections. If you would like to set up a phone call or zoom, please use this app – https://app.simplymeet.me/jaiaen – I’m happy to explore the possibility of Katie and one of her pup’s becoming part of your family!

Beginning of September – Frisbee and Looking at Her Belly

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