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Month: October 2021

Week Four is Upon Us!

Yesterday we weighed the pups again. From the last week, they added from 13 oz to 1 pound. Rey increased the most, by the entire pound. Leia and Chewbacca tied at 15 oz. And, Padme added 13 oz. That is kind of normalizing the sizes a little.

REY – Chin scratching is a favorite…
LEIA – doesn’t seem bothered by the experience…

CHEWBACCA – was very curious and unafraid….

PADME acts so grown up and carries a regal mature look always…
What a delight…fully unencumbered and just chillin’! She slept quite a while this way.

After nap time we checked out the new-new digs…that of the back porch, proudly put together by Ryane and Phil. The door skin is protecting the deck from the many uncontrollable deposits over the next month, so that was a grateful addition.

Lets take this a step at a time…

I don’t know…It looks pretty dirty out there…
But your shoes smell normal….
One foot in. One foot out…I think it might be okay….
Well, hey, let’s follow mom…
Oh yeah….we got this!

We really have been wanting to get these little ones outside but the rain has been pretty unrelenting. Today was a wonderful break and so the adventure was perfect, and timing was even better.

They really need to be “hardened off” like seedlings coming out of the greenhouse to tackle the weather they will live in, and so from now on, its every day, no matter how much rain or wind or sleet or snow….we will be going to school (outside).

I wanted their first experience to be non-threatening and just a curiosity seeking. Breeze has been through this a few times and it feels like she really “gets” the drill. Of course, getting them back in the house is an entirely different conversation…its all coming back to me now…

Puppy buyers…please remember to send me your stinky undershirt for your pup to sleep with the last night or two, plus a sock tied in a knot that will not only smell like their litter mates, but also is a great teaching tool for which socks to play with as you work with them on that issue (only the knotted one is okay).

You can also send a small toy that the litter can play with and also smells like their first home….but we can’t promise they won’t tear it up.

Thanks for tuning in…

The New Digs

Just a quick note to keep you in the “litter loop”!

We just made the move to the living room from the office whelping room. It all went well. The new den is larger and easily accessible to the outside…check it out here. We are planning on having some outside adventures really soon.

Of course I’m looking at the pouring rain and am aghast at the possibility, but have to remember that dogs have a higher temperature than humans. And we want them to be able to transition to the colder temps of Alaska and Bend!

This week also was a worming week and nail trimming. I can always tell I must get those nails done because Breeze lets me know. I can’t imagine why evolution would have puppies with such sharp little claws as it only causes earlier weaning, but maybe they could defend themselves from a predator?

I don’t know, but as a domestic pup we want them to be really easy about nail trimming time, so we start them in their sleep, and work up to wide awake work. Luckily their little claws are like an eagle beak and easy to to hook with the trimmer :*)) making it far less stressful than one would imagine.

Before worming I reweighed them, even though I had weighed them just a couple days before, since the meds are measured by the ml to ounces. The weight change in 2 days was fascinating. Leia increased by 12 ounces, as did Chewbacca. Rey increased by 9 ounces and Padme by 10.

The other thing about this week was they really started playing with each other…what fun! Check it out…

And yes, I quickly found a solution…I hope it works through the night and there are no surprises when I awake. I had something that I had purchased and stuck in the back of the closet. Its a tiny fence for hamsters of all things. I added it around the baby gate. The puppers never cease to amaze me and keep me guessing ;*))

Thanks for listening…Until next time…

p.s. OH! I almost forgot…due to unforeseen circumstances, one of the puppy buyers had to make a change, so we do have one puppy left for placement. Call to set up a chat!

Time to Come and Visit!

Sunday gave us a wonderful visit from our next door neighbors! These visits are one of my favorite parts of having puppies! People come out of the woodwork who love animals!

We’ve watched these little ones (2 years old and 5) grow up over the last several years, 6 to be precise, and originally met because they heard our Zimbabwe marimba classes playing over the field grasses and through the trees. They were kind enough to let me video their visit today in two parts, so all of you who can’t come can still have some fun!

Thanks for checking in!

Eyes Open!

Breeze’s pups are growing well and are so content … what an easy-going litter. It could be that there are so few of them to share in the milk…or maybe the mating produced a calm bunch. Although, you wouldn’t know it from their nursing style, which is not particularly chill.

Enjoy watching this Friday afternoon’s meal here in this video.

They do have their eyes open now. They might have been open yesterday but it wasn’t obvious. I suppose I could have used a flashlight to look in there then, but who would want that in their eyes? Today, it was clear.

Getting a good picture of a wiggly 2-week old pup was not too easy so I thought I’d include some video too…check it out right above the photo:

Our smallest pup (at this point) is Leia who is 1 pound 13 ounces. She was first born, and Breeze’s first has always been the littlest. Leia was almost 7 ounces at birth.


Rey is 2 pounds even. She was 3rd born at 8 and 3/8 ounce so has increased 1.5 pounds since her birth.


Chewbacca, who we thought was the hungry one, is not the largest at 2 pounds, 12 ounces. He was 5th born, was just over 8 ounces at birth, and is our only male. He actually waved his paw at the camera during the video…how funny!


Padme Amidala is 2 pounds, 15 ounces. She was 4th born. She really surprised me by her bark, but then she completely kept her composure.


Check out the vigor two hours later in this video… the litter was still nursing. Then they were finally done….they look complete ;*))

Thanks for tuning in. I was telling someone how much sharing their story with you helps me…it won’t be long and they will all be going home with their families, and Breeze, Katie and I will be staring at each other, saying “what happened?”. It helps me grow up ;*)) Thank you!

A Few Unexpected Changes…

Dear Friends,

Sadly, our little Jedi didn’t make it.  In many ways he was improving, but then suddenly quit making progress yesterday. 

Thank you for all of your encouraging words and support during this last week…you have been amazing!  Particularly when I was walking through my world in a dream state, blinking blurry eyes, and working hard to connect my synapses and fulfill other life functions.

His passing means that I’ll be returning a deposit to someone. And, as Divine Providence would have it, there was a shift in one of the family’s lives and they were planning to call me later in the week to see if they could relinquish their spot on the list!  What a relief that all things work together for the common good…it’s just that it’s not always obvious, nor easy.

I have cherished my time with the little being of Light that we named Jedi…I have learned mountains of deep things during these last 10 days, and wouldn’t trade it for anything…it’s a treasure in my secret heart.

We are on our way forward with the four pups and am happy to share the latest HERE!

I wouldn’t have noticed the one on the left who is lined up in reverse, except she keeps getting my attention…just a bit of an individual.

And then the reunion…always a good moment! The rest of them had their dinner and were snoozing when I heard her, still at arms length. Plopped her into place, and then of course, the delight of finding mom!

Stay tuned …hoping to take weights soon.

First Week with the Litter!

DAY 1 – Tuckered Out

Its taken a bit for me to post here…simply messaging friends and family has become too easy! We have a Whatsapp Breeze group… if you are inclined, let me know. But I really wanted to share with all of you who are subscribed to the Breeze Blog so that you are in our loop! The litter began arriving on 10-1-21 at 7 a.m. At first it was every half hour.

The page for Pilgrim’s Litter is up and not quite complete. There are many half-sisters and half-brothers out there. Remember I’m always interested in your lives and how your pup, that was born just like one of these tiny ones, is doing.

We realized early-on that the second-born was not catching on to nursing, but in this video on day 2 all looks fine.

Here, only because we are watching him like a hawk, we see he wasn’t latching.I really wasn’t expecting this and didn’t have a bottle on hand, so began the feeding using a tube used for filling an essential oil bottle. It worked off and on for quite a day or so. A generous friend went to Petco and brought me a bottle kit…thank God for good Samaritans! You can see here its gotten so much easier!

Day 3 I was amazed with the realization of how Breeze does all this maneuvering with her mouth!

And, later that same day….

We have been enjoying the puppies and are so grateful for them. The little guy we thought was a female at first, mainly due to the whirlwind effort of feeding every 2 hours around the clock…and he was so little. It wasn’t until Day 6 that he was big enough I noticed a tiny penis and sure enough there was urine coming out! Oh my…how interesting (and embarrassing) of a mistake to make! I can only tack it up to lack of sleep and everything being a bit blurry ;*))

The timing of the sex realization dovetailed with all of the naming for this special little soul. It started with the diamond spot (continuing to morph into a droplet) bringing on the name Lady Di and then someone else said Gigi due to the little body. One of the marimba players suggested merging that into one name, like Gidi and suddenly the naming theme for the litter was clear…this smaller tri-color male was Jedi and everyone else was also from Star Wars.

The only other one that seems clear right now is the larger sable male who was fondly named Chewbacca since he is somewhat the dominant one on the nursing scene. We will have Princess Leia, Padme Amidala (Luke and Leia’s mother), and Rey, a powerful female having The Force within her. Just haven’t figured out who is who quite yet.

Of course, I know that you name your own puppy when you get it home…but this is part of the fun of keeping track of the notes about characteristics, worming dates and immunizations. This is a relatively small litter, and happily going home to their new families on Thanksgiving!

On that note, here is a wrap from the end of Day 4. I wonder if I could sleep on my head, and not wake up with a kink.

And, for those of you who are wondering how Katie is doing, she is doing an amazing job. She has very quickly assimilated the information that she is no longer the baby, and has astutely been behaving in wonderful ways. Here she is last night watching the den. The door is open and I can see the wheels moving around behind those eyes.

Katie Intently Focuses

Its not like she doesn’t want to peek in there, but I’m waiting until week 3 to give Breeze and the bunch plenty of time. Then Katie will have a week training in watching and paying attention, but not getting too excited by all the squeals.

Week 4 we go outside into the puppy park so hopefully I’m planning enough time for all the learning phases. I just know that right now, we don’t want any more stimulus than we already have.

For those of you who know Katie, you know her as super affectionate, kind of smiling in her demeanor, and on the active side….but here she is so serious and almost contemplative, studying …what IS going on in that room?

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